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Thursday, October 5


A suggestion:
Iguassu Falls – A Journey of Self Discovery and Purification

What is it? It is a journey, a personal journey to development, rest and renovation. The Iguassu Falls are a Sacred Place to the Gurani People. It is the source of the Creative Mist – that ascends heavenward from the Sacred Falls connecting two worlds. The world of humans, the material world to the world of and the real world. This world of ours is just a reflection of the real world. The Creative Mist was created by Ñamandu Etê, our Father, the first. The Mist was created to refresh the heads of Ñamandu’s numberless children. The Mist is lodged at the top of our heads from where they ascend to the universe.
The important elements in this Guarani land are: the Mist, the burning flames, water, the red soil, the green of the forest, the basalt rocks – witnesses of insignificance from the height of their 120 million years.

Suggested Schedule

Day 1. Arrival. Transfer to hotel. Check-in. Later on, introduction to program, meeting with the opportunity to start experiencing (dance, meditation).

Day 2. Sharing circle. Breakfast. Visit to the Brazilian side of the Sacred Iguassu Falls. After passing the gates of the Iguassu National Park and World Heritage Site, we start our concentration to the encounter. Arrival at the Falls. Holding hands the group asks for the Falls permission to visit. Silent descent of trail. This is a time for connection. Time to look find tour own “center”. Again hold hands of we be allowed to get into the material representation of the Creative Mist. Let it be a baptism. Let it be a symbol of rebirth. Leave all your problems behind. Leave behind a world that chose illusion.

Please note: After this contact we will rest in a shady, protected natural area. The aim is to allow us to return to our normal senses without disturbance. Only then, all will be free to take pictures, have drinks or if you desire to engage in other tours offered like the adrenaline-rich Macuco Boat Safari. In this, and in all other contact outings, you are advised to take a towel and an extra change of clothes. That will help to keep you dry. The use of raincoats under the Mist is considered offensive to the Falls.

Day 3. Visit to the Argentinean side of Iguassu Falls. The highlight of this day is to get to the Iguassu Falls’ most sacred place, the greatest of the Cataracts, a powerful vortex of energy, a fantastic point of contact and connection between the worlds of Ñamandu – place, unfortunately called by the invasive civilization the “Devils’ Throat”. The topography of Mother Iguassu Falls here is remarkably different from the side visited yesterday. There more distances to be covered. Take your time to breath all the energy you can. We behave here in the same way we did yesterday: concentration, asking for permission, not taking pictures while communicating with the Falls. A special meditation will be shared here. This side of the Falls offers a lot of opportunities to experience other energy-rich spots like the San Martin Island.

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