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Wednesday, March 26

On a bicycle trail at the Iguazu National Park Argentina

This trail in the Iguazu National Park is normally closed for normal tourism. It is used mostly by researchers, scientists and ornitholgists with the possibility of allowing small birdwatching groups and at rare occasins to allow selected mountain bikers to travel the trail. The two photographs above show two bikers during one of this trail-checking exercise. As far as identification is concerned, the black guy on the yellow bike is me. The other biker is travel agent Ruth Sanchez. As you can see, we took binoculars and as birdwatchers did part of our obligation of reporting our sightings and letting park authorities of whatever irregularities we found.

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Land of Many Waters

Land of Many Waters
This is a secret little waterfalls where I often go and take a very few people for my ecopsychological nature-connecting experience