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Sunday, February 7

Iguassu Night Sky by Babak Tafreshi of TWAN

Iguassu Falls Night Sky

Fans of NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day might have noticed Friday’s installment: a stunning shot of the southern sky over Iguaçu Falls, as seen from deep in the Brazilian side of the national park surrounding the falls.
But really, you have to see it on a much more cosmic scale …
I was lucky enough to get in touch with the astrophotograher who snapped the shot, Babak Tafreshi, a photographer, science journalist, astronomy communicator, and award-winning creator of The World at Night (TWAN) project. By Victoria Jaggard posted in 2010. See photo check text  HERE

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Land of Many Waters

Land of Many Waters
This is a secret little waterfalls where I often go and take a very few people for my ecopsychological nature-connecting experience