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Saturday, January 13, 2007

133 things to do in the Iguassu Falls Area

This is my proposed list and is also the list I have been promissing. I have finally been able to get close enough to the computer I firstly saved this on. Keep checking back because I will be working on this for a long time.

1 Visit Iguassu falls Brazilian Side (Concession holder's site)
2 Visit Iguassu Falls Argentine Side Concession holder's site)
3 Take a Boat Ride along Falls' canyon on Brazilian side of Falls
4 Take similar boat ride on the Argentinean side including exploration of San Martin Island
5 Do the Complete Lower walk on the Argentine side (read text on this)
6 Do the Complete Upper walk on the Argentine side (read text on this)
7 Take a birdwatching tour on the Argentine side
8 Take a swim in a waterfall after a jungle walk on the Argentina side
9 See the Fall under moonlight in moonlit nights* (concession holders' sites
10 Visit Monday Falls on the Paraguayan Side
11 Visit the Moisés Bertoni National Scientific Monument (NSM) on the Paraguayan side (two boats sail to the Bertoni NM - From P.Iguazu / from Foz do Iguaçu)
12 Visit the BirdPark
13 Visit the Guira Oga
14 Visit the Hummingbird Gardens - Puerto Iguazú
15 Visit La Aripuca - Puerto Iguazú
16 Visit the Ibireta Botanic Garden - Pueerto Iguazú
17 Visit the Buddhist Temple - Foz do Iguaçu
18 Visit the CEAEC - Center for the Studies of Higher Consciouness - Foz do Iguaçu
19 Take one of the 30 plus courses offered by the CEAEC - Foz do Iguaçu
20 Rent a Laboratory Room in the CEAEC for any of 14 consciousness experiments (FI)
21 Guided cultural, social tour of three-country area (text)
22 Guided Sacred Journey to Iguassu Falls
23 Guided nature-connecting and healing activities in the Iguassu Falls or nearby waterfalls
23 Reiki course by a Waterfall
24 Guided Mount Bike excursions
25 Play golf (Bourbon Iguassu Golf)
26 Gamble in a casino (that is up to you - Argentina, Paraguay)
27 Visit the Mosque - Foz do Iguaçu
28 See Itaipu Binational HydroPowerPlant - world's largest - Foz do Iguaçu / Hernandarias
29 Take a Itaipu Technical Tour - Foz do Iguaçu / Hernandarias
30 See Itaipu Light Show - Foz do Iguaçu (also other Itaipu attractions and info)
31 Helicopter flight over the Falls at legally recommended altitudes -Foz do Iguaçu
32 Helicopter flight over the whole area including Itaipu (F.Iguaçu)
33 Take a microflight flight over the area - Foz do Iguaçu
34 Take flying lessons with WeekendFly Flight Schools - Foz do Iguaçu
35 Visit a Chácara in the countryside - Foz do Iguaçu, São Miguel, Capanema
36 Take a Rural Tourism -(TRAF) Tour - like Capanema's Sweet Iguassu, Cascavel, Foz do Iguaçu etc
37 Visit the MST (Landless Workers Movement)natural seed production recommended by Fritjioff Capra - São Miguel do Iguaçu
38 Visit local Schools and Projects - Whole area (Foz do Iguaçu School - Neiborhood Projects)
39 Visit the Colegio Agricola Medicinal Plant Project - Foz do Iguaçu
40 Eat in the Recanto Gaucho typical "querencia" living - Foz do Iguaçu
41 Do rafting - Falls Brazilian Side
42 Canyonning - Falls Brazilian side
43 Climbing - Falls Brazilian Side
44 Rappeling - Falls Brazilian Side (link for 41-44)
45 Meditate - Anywhere on the Falls
46 Guided Adventure Therapy tour (with me) in any of modalities 41 - 44
47 Participate in events - Check calendar
48 Visit the Itaipu EcoMuseum - Foz do Iguaçu
49 Visit local universities (UDC,Uniamerica,AngloAmerican,Unioeste State University,Cesufoz,UniFoz - See Universitaria Bus Line note
50 Visit the Fish spawning channel (See Itaipu link above)
51 Visit the artificial whitewater Kayaking Course (Go to Itaipu Link above)
52 Go to Andresito and stay at Jacutinga Lodge
53 Visit Wanda and buy stones and crystals
54 Visit the Jesuit World Heritage Sites of Argentina and Paraguay
55 Adventure into Misiones
56 Go to a Yemanjá (Yemanya) Celebration if you’re in Foz (February 2)
57 See the sunset on the Marco das Três Fronteiras (Three Border Stone Mark - Brazil)
58 See the sunset on the Hito de las Tres Fronteras (Three Border Stone Mark - Argentina)
59 Visit the Guarani Viallage of Iriyapu - Puerto Iguazú, Project Mate /
60 Visit the Guarani Village of Mbororé
61 Visit the Guarani Village of the Bertoni Secientific Monument
62 Stay overnight at the Guarani Village of the Bertoni SM>
63 Cruise the Iguazu and Paraná Rivers down to Bertoni NSM with Macuco Safari Iguassu Explorer Boat (BR)
64 Catamaran River Alto Paraná Cruise - Argentina, daily to Bertoni NSM (
67 Overnight stay at Sol Island with the Water Circuit Program
69 Kayak the Iguassu on Inflatable kayaks (Also other activities within the Iguaçu (Brazil) National Park
70 Birdwatch in the Iguassu / Iguazú National Parks Argentina / Brazil
71 Birdwatch in the rural area
72 Butterfly and insect watch
73 Get reiki done to you (on Hold till Reiki area is finished)
74 Get an Ayurvedic Treatment (same as above)
76 Have shamanic experiences (same as above)
78 Wine, Dine and dance in Puerto Iguazu
79 Dine and have fun in Foz do Iguaçu
80 Birdwatch in Itaipu Preserves in Brazil and Paraguay
81 Visit "Vila A" have an icecream, a pizza with locals
82 Eat and watch people at Avenida República Argentina
83 Visit the bairros off the beaten track
84 Skydive at Estância Hercules
85 Boat-pushed Paragliding on Itaipu Lake
86 Take tango lessons
87 Take samba lessons
88 Take Gaucho Music Lessons
89 Learn Belly Dance
90 Meditate on the Upper Circuit of Falls at Sunset (ARG)
91 Do group meditation at the Goddess Womb (Devil's Throat for the infidels)
92 Meditate anywhere at the Falls
93 Watch the Falls and connect with it from Brazilian side
94 Visit local social programs and NGOs / Help if possible
95 Take Capoeira lessons
96 Volunteer for something
97 Shop for local products even in Paraguay
98 Get in touch with Maká Indians
99 Take a tour to the cities along the shores of the Itaipu Reservoir
100 Eat fish at restaurants on the banks of the Paraná river
101 Visit the Mbororé Museum - Puerto Iguazú
102 Visit the Museum Imagens da Selva / Images of the Jungle, Puerto Iguazú
103 The Itaipu Hydrological Reduced Model - Hernandárias
104 Taste the Lambari fish Savory at a restaurant in Foz
105 Visit the Paraguayan Three_Border Mark in Presidente Franco, Paraguay
106 Check this Natural Spa Central Alma Verde
107 Visit the Aché (Guayaqui) Indian of Paraguay
108 Visit the Ñacunday National Park, Paraguay
109 Visit the Guarani Indians in Sao Miguel do Iguacu
110 April 22 there will be a procession in town. (Afrobrazilian)
111 Visit the Our Lady of the Iguazu Sanctuary, Puerto Iguazú
112 Visit the Park Remador Sanctuary (Catholic), Porto Meira region of Foz do Iguaçu
113 Peoplewatch in the JL Cataratas Shopping Center
114 Visit the Tatí Yupi WildLife Refuge
115 If you have any time left take a local bus. It may be the cheapest city tour available. I recommend the "Interbairros" bus for a whole city view (R$2.10 per person)
116 Highly recommended the "Roteiro das Comunidades" (Community routes)(By the Author)
117 Take the cavalgata ecológica (Ecological Horseride)in Puerto Iguazú
118 Visit the El Indio Orchid Gardens, Puerto Iguazú (ATA)
119 Why not seeing a RUGBY training , Puerto Iguazú
120 Foz do Iguaçu has a struggling American Football team - wanna contact it?
121 There are several organized bicycle tours in and around Foz do Iguaçu
122 Sea kayak in calm slow moving rivers in the region of the Ilha Grande (River Island on the Paraná River) National Park - Not to be confused with the Ilha Grande (Sea island) National Park in Rio de Janeiro (State)
123 Rappel and other activities are available outside the Iguassu National park with local entrepreneurs.
124 Visit a house made out of PET Coca Cola bottles complete with furnitures. In Puerto Iguazú (Coca Cola bottles are stronger)
125 If you like stones, Puerto Iguazú may be your chance to see "rhodochrosite"
126 If you can spare some time visit a Sunday local community fair in Foz do Iguaçu
127 Visit COART - handicrafts outlet for local artisans in doentown Foz do Iguaçu
128 A visit to the Central Market in Franco (Paraguay) is a great experience
129 Três Lagoas is Foz do Iguaçu's nautical district by excellence complete with beach, boats, sailing etc. On Itaipu's Lake
130 Pay-to-fish-and let-go places are very common way to spend weekends in the great Triple Border Area lifestyle(FOZ mainly) List coming soon!
131 The newest program: a catamaran boat named "Kattamaram" has just been launched on the Itaipu Lake (reservoir) - short sunset river outings daily. Boat c an be chartered for longer cruises - I would recommed those going to places like Itaipuland(ia), Marshal (marechal) Cândido Rondon and even Guaíra.
132 Visit the Garden of Cacti, a paradise dreamed and made real by Marlene Parzewski
133 Barge crossing between Puerto Iguazú (Argentina) and Presidente Franco (city) in Paraguay.

Note: by listing this possibilities here, it doesn't mean that many of these things are available today. No one asks, no one offers. So maybe if you ask, people will offer. It is just like asking who came first the egg or the hen - as the saying goes. I will be glad to let you know what can be done. Cheers!


gabi said...

Hola, podrías darme datos sobre bike tours, tipo travesias saliendo desde foz do iguazu.

Jackson Lima said...

Mis amigos Fernando Martin y Ruth Sanchez tienen programs de Bike aunque, yo creo, no organizado con fecha de salida etc. En la ciudad hay grupos de personas que se interesan y que organizan salidas. Digame lo que quieres... yo adoro viajar de bikes, Jackson

Jackson Lima said...

Olá Gabi me olvidé de darle contactos para Ruth e Fernando