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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Umbanda and Candomblé Temples (Houses) in Foz do Iguaçu: address list

  Mission accomplished. Members of the  
Mãe Edna de Baru's (Mother Edna of Baru) house.

An Afro-Brazilian Religious Space may be called "temple", "center" (centro) as in Centro de Umbanda (Umbanda Center), "terreiro" - a word derived from "terra (Earth) and simply "house".  A "terreiro" can be an area in the bush that is separated for the service, the undergrowth is cleared, the soil swept so that feet can tap and stump on the ground without the danger of snakes, insects that could somehow cause harm to the people in ceremony. "We do not need a cathedral. Men make cathedral. The little corner in the capoeira (second growth forest around the house) is god-made and all we need".

Foz do Iguaçu is said to have 42 "houses". Each "house" is independent. There is no hierarchy. Houses do cooperate among them. Each house is presided over by a babalorisha (Babalorixá) or Yalorisha (Ialorixá). Babá means father and Ya (iá) is mother. Thus Babalorisha and Yalorisha means father and mother of Orisha. Commonly both are called pai (father) or mãe (mother) de santo (saint, orixa) in the sense that they take care and cater to the saints or Orishas.        

An adaptation from the Jackson Lima / Blog de Foz list of

Umbanda and Candomblé Temples in Foz do Iguaçu (Iguassu Falls Area)
How did this list begin? See also Afrobrazilian Religious Dates and Holidays
and This is Cabocla Jurema for a glimpse of how this list began

1) Templo de Oxum da Mãe Jô (Mother Jo's Oshun Temple)
The "saída" (exit) of a YAO - or initiation of a Mother Joe's House New Son
Templo de Oxum da Mãe Jô  - Rua David Cordeiro, 760, Jardim Panorama, Foz do Iguaçu, Phone (45) 3028   0649 / 9977 9996. This has been the first religious house that the author visited  right after having the idea of publishing this list. The temple is run by Mãe Jô (Mother Jo) and son and heir Natan Ferreira.  The picture above is from a 2013 presentation ceremony of a new religion member who had just come out of a 14-day isolation preparation and doctrination stay at the temple. 

Mother Marina Tunirê Caboclo Seven Lassoes Temple

2) Templo Caboclo Boiadeiro Sete Laços (Cowherder Caboclo Seven Lassoes Temple)
Founder is Yalorisha Tunirê Marina, Rua Batatais 412, Morumbi II, Foz do Iguaçu, (45) 525 1751. Mother Marina's Temple is close to the CAIC Morumbi Municipal School and the Escola-Bairro Social Center that serves the Morumbi neighborhood. Some of the open house events include:  1.  Oguns's Feijoada on June 6th or first Saturday after the date. Erê's Day (Feast to kids) on October 2. Caboclo Boiadeiro Sete Laços (The Seven-Lasso CabocloParty) on November 15th which falls on Republic Day. Mãe Marina Tuniré is very busy at the promotion of Afrobrazilian culture which includes the organization of the Afrouxé Music Club  and other initiatives. * (Caboclo is the person of mixed blood white and Ameridian blood. It also used to refer to Indians) 

3) Templo de Iansã (45) 3574 5850
Aşé Ilè Ìyà Ọmọ Mésam
Presided by Yalorisha Raquel de Inhançã
(Uma nota em português: este templo mudou de endereço - O blog solicita notícia para atualização, conhece o novo endereço?)

4) Mãe Carmem

Ilè Asé de Ogum
Rua Centenário, 538, Morumbi I, Fone 3578 4408*
Nota: o templo administra a Casa de Umbanda e Candomblé Axè dos Orixas. Rua Almirante Barroso, 2286, Centro

Procession of Yemonja presided over by Paraguayan-born Mother Amanda
Paraguayan-born Yà (mother) Amanda Villalba Vieira (Iá Du Amanda) and chief Adigun Eledumare (João Carlos Vieira - In memoriam) are tyhe fonders of this house located at Rua das Dálias, 261, Porto Meira (45) 35273026 ou 999126560. This center is organizes the Feast  and Ceremony of Yemonya that includes a car procession that leaves the ILE ASE IGA ODE headquarters as far as the bank of the Paraná River between Brazil and Paraguay at the Cataratas Yacht and Fishing Club. Depending on availability of boats a certain number of people will board boat a vessel heading to the meeting of the Iguassu and Paraná River waters. At the meeting of the rivers an offering is made to Yemonja.  
Obaluyaé Feast at Mother Edna's Temple

6) Ilé Alákétu Ijobá Asé 
Mother Edna de Baru (Mother Edna of Baru)
Rua Dracena, 348, Jardim Canadá, Foz do Iguaçu. I will be back with more information and links to and about this house.  

Information being gathered on these two temples and their leaders
7) Juracema
8) Cabocla Jurema

9) Tenda Espírita Ogum Beira Mar e Iemanjá (Seaside Ogun and Yemonja Spiritist Tent). Rua Presidente Tancredo Neves, 6101 - Jardim Itaipu, Foz do Iguaçu (45) 99900-2652

10) Mãe Aparecida de Omolu

Edificio España, Jardin Central, Ciudad del Este, Paraguay (In need of updating, hold on)

Light of Oshala Umbanda Center

11) Tenda de Umbanda Luz de Oxalá
(Light of Oshala Umbanda Center)
Rua Paris, 1.000, Beverly Falls Park
Foz do Iguaçu - Paraná CEP 85.858-100
(45) 9948 4874
Leia mais:

12) Templo de Umbanda Martim Pescador (Kingfisher Umbanda Temple)

Avenida Tancredo Neves, 6100, Conjunto B, Foz do Iguacu (Aguardando novo telefone) Feasts in this house:  Preto Velho (Old Blackman Feast - May 19th. Festa de Cosme e Damião (Saints Cosmas and Damian), September  29th. Feast to Eshu, november (To be confirmed). Saylor Kingfisher Feast on December 15th.

) Pai Idelmar de Oxun (Father Idelmar of Osun / Oshun)
Rua Campinas, 186, Jardim Petrópolis - (45) 3575 3877

14) Ilê Axé Loyó Tenan

Pai Cassiano Togun
Travessa Pinheiro, 51, Vila Adriana 1 (Barro Branco)
(45) 9145 4237 / 9834 2042 

15) Ilê Ase Igba Egunita Mege Temple
Yalorisa Leidy Ty Oyá
Rua da Cosmoética, 35, Cognópolis (Cognopolis is the name of this area / neighborhood (bairro) in the city of Foz do Iguaçu. Pay attention to the Rua's (street) name: Cosmoethics Street.     

16) Casa de Luz de Vovó Maria Conga (Grandma Maria Conga's House of Light) Chácara localizada no Arroio Dourado, Foz do Iguaçu /

17) Templo Umbandista Caboclo Xangô (Cabloco Shango Umbanda Temple)
Rua Bartolomeu de Gusmão, 2214-2280, Centro, Jardim Guarapuava / Centro próximo ao Mercado Faxinal (Close to the Faxinal Market)

18) Centro Espírita de Umbanda e Quimbanda Tenda Cigana do Oriente e Exú Veludo (Velvet Eshu Gypsy Tent of the East Umbanda and Kimbanda Center).  Yá Majída d'Oxum
Babá Gecivaldo de Oxalá
Rua Paraná 54, Jardim Itaipu  
Pioneer Grandma Benedita founded the Kingdom of Oshala Temple

19) Terreiro Reino de Oxalá (Kingdom of Oshala Temple)

Rua Jorge Samways, 69, Centro (downtown). This temple was founded by pioneer Yalorisha Benedita de Nanã also known as Vovó Benedita (Grandma Benedita) on February 2, 1976 on Yemonja's Day.  
Contacts: Facebook and cell (mobile) phones

(45) 999055786 (45) 999272994 

Bàbá Olufanhá from the Ilê Asé Ossàlufán

20) Ilê Asé Ossàlufán

Bàbá Olufanhá

Rua Henrique Boiarski, 111

Parque Presidente II, 3522 - 7765

Mother Marli of Ògún from Casa de Ogum

21) Casa de Ogum

Mãe Marli de Ogum

Rua Eligius Rockembach, 180, Parque Presidente II

Blogs and articles by Jackson Lima are meant to provide bias free information on all communities living in Foz do Iguaçu as an effort to help end all forms of prejudice  that leads to discrimination, intolerance and ignorance - in the sense of just “not knowing". 

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