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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Vote for, I mean Vote!

I found this photo on the web. I am using it as a way to ask for your vote for Rio de Janeiro. There is an election going on. What is being chosen are the world's Seven New Wonders - N7W. Rio is on the list. The idea came from "New7Wonders Foundation" created in 2001 by Swiss adventurer Bernard Weber, with a mission to protect humankind's heritage across the globe.
The initial stages of the New 7 Wonders campaign were financed by Weber himself, aided by a small number of committed N7W Members. You, too, can join these members, who remain firmly committed to the project and its aims to this day. All N7W members have the right to a listing on the N7W Memorial Wall. Fifty percent of all net revenue raised by the New 7 Wonders Project is to be used to fund restoration efforts worldwide. One such project is the mission to recreate the giant Bamiyan Buddha statue in Afghanistan, which was featured in the Swiss Pavilion along with the New 7 Wonders project at the 2005 World Fair in Japan. Further very animated info HERE. Our Heritage is our Future!


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