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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hello visitor

I am working on this page and I would love you to tell me what I need to do. My idea is to give information on the area - something different and useful. I am not a government slave neither do I work for the tourism establishment. I normally say in my Portuguese-language Notas do Turismo Blog that the main concern of the tourism establishment is how to assure that the controllers of the segment will keep on with their privilege of eating caviar. Through the years I have come to be a rather persecuted person. Thanks to my stand on points like ecology and for having stood out against crazy engineering (mostly) projects in Brazil. As a blogger, journalist and lover of Marshal MacLuhan, I thank the global village and the blogging world village for this resistance tool. Please choose very well your destinations and the people who are going to recive you. Travel responsibly. What are these receptive "workers" doing to local people, what your money is financing? Among the people receiving tourist and among the people tourists are making richer maybe the same people connected to slavery either present or former times', prostitution, human rights violation, abuse of economic power and the physical elimination of the poor, beggars and destitutes including children by whatever mean is possible including the deliberate use of crazy policies. Fortunately nowadays we see world efforts to revert the costly consequences of child prostitution, prostitution in general, government corruption, money laundering, women slavery,transnational crimes and the like. This blog's proposal is to acquaint you with the three-country border area near the world famous Iguassu Falls that I consider sacred and discuss in other blogs (This for Example). But as a 51 year-old human being with a past I can say I am proud of this past as tourism guide in the Iguassu Falls Area, Pantanal, Titicaca Lake Area and Amazonia I am not supposed to limit my work to the Iguassu Area. My area is from Patagonia to Guyana. Neither am I the right kind of person you can expect to willingly shut up on whatever is happening in the bad or good sense. Yes! I will blow the whistle! I am not trustworthy whenever criminal secrets are concerned. This is my personal and also my blogs' claim to fame. Thank You. E-mail me. Get in contact and if necessary let me help you plan your trip through friends down here. Cheers and May Peace Prevail on Earth. or

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Keith R said...

Jackson, parabéns em quanto a seu blog; gosto muito. também obrigado por incluir um link a meu blog (Temas Blog). Pra mim sua combinação de turismo, temas ambientais e Mercosul e sumamente interessantes; talvez algum dia você pode fazer um "guest blog" (artigo por convite) no Temas Blog sobre um tema ambiental de sua região. Me avisa se tem interesse na idéia.
Um abraço, Keith