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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Monday Falls - What to do with it?

What to do with Salto Monday? Monday here is not the English name for a day of the week. It is a Guarani word that brings to my mind the idea of "Stolen Water". Some people say that Monday means something like "Falls of Thieves", because since it is located a few kilometers from the spot where the Monday River empties into the Paraná, it would be a very strategic place for smugglers, thieves and other "evildoers" to hide their things before floating them out of Paraguay and into Argentina or Brazil. I do not like this renedering at all. But anyway what can we do with Monday Falls? Being so close to Iguassu it is considered to be an Iguassu's dwarf or even bastard sister.

Paraguay has not learned how to tell the world about Monday. There are also ecological and social concerns. Not a long ago a truck was caught by local people as the driver prepared to dumb contaminated hospital products into the Falls. The police was called, the truck driver was arrested and the company identified. At least something is chaging. Of major concern to envirnmentalists in the danger of urbanization of Monday Falls. The city of Presidente Franco seems to be invading, encircling and swallowing the Monday City Park area. What to do? That is the big question.

In the photograph above taken from the site of the Mercosul Parliamentary Union , we see a group of congress and woemen of Mercosul visiting Monday Falls. Among others we see Dr Liliana Bertoni, MPU Academic Secretary, Vicente Mendoza president of the Paraguayan Front in the Union and several Paraguayan congressmen.

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