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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Posting Four: Non-Integrated Buses


By non-integrated buses I do not mean desintegrated vehicles, buses falling apart or pirate buses. It is only that these lines are not part of the integrated system that allows you to go to two destinations within the city paying for just one ticket .

Local non-integrated buses

As far as I can remember the interbairros line is the only Iguaçuan line that is not part of the integrated system. Bairro means neighborhood an this is a trans-neighborhood lines since it nearly crosses the whole town – with the exception of the “centro”, the 0,city center area. The yellow-white-and black-striped buses belongs to Viação Itaipu (Viação is the name given to bus companies) runs from Vila “C” Norte to Porto Meira – roughly from the Itaipu Dam area to Porto Meira – a short distance from the Marco das Três Fronteiras. A recommend a ride on this line since it is equivalent to a pretty good City Tour.


Bus to Puerto Iguazu - There are two Brazilian and two Argentine companies connecting the cities of Foz do Iguaçu and Puerto Iguazú.

Bus to Ciudad del Este (Paraguay)
Bus to Presidente Franco (Paraguay)
Bus to Hernandarias (Paraguay)

Out-of-town metropolitan lines
Bus to Santa Terezinha
Bus to São Miguel (By the TTU on Rua Mén de Sá via Rodoviária, stops by the Lanchonete Corujão
Bus to Santa Helena

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