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Thursday, May 24

What a photo!

This is just so I do not get used to not posting. Going through my archives I found the photo above. It is the photo of the gyspsum model used in the film The Mission partly shot at the Iguassu Falls. You can see the statute at the Mobororé Museum in Puerto Iguazú. The sattue was used in order to avoid killing the real actor. According to the script the missionary that showed up preaching about a Crucified God was crucified and thrown into the Falls. I have include a Youtube clip showing the moment the statut was used in the film. I will come back later. I am in a hurry today since I am not in the Iguassu Falls Area. I will let you know whatever I do while away. Bye and cheers!

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Land of Many Waters

Land of Many Waters
This is a secret little waterfalls where I often go and take a very few people for my ecopsychological nature-connecting experience