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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bussing around in Curitiba – Part III

Click on map to enlarge / Map from URBS
One word that you frequently find when trying to understand the Curitiba bus system is “AXIS”. The bus system is made up of five axis: South Axis, North Axis, East Axis, West Axis and the Boqueirão Axis. As of lately a sixth axis has been added even though it is not counted as a separated axis but rather as an addition to the South Axis and it is called the South Circular Axis. The true sixth Axis is to be added at anytime soon and construction work has already begun. This latest axis will be along the Highway BR 277, a federal road that has crossed the city as it connect the Seaport of Paranaguá to the Brazil Paraguay Border at the International Friendship Bridge in Foz do Iguaçu. With the riches transported on the trucks the federal road also brings a lot of problems in the form of high speed, noise, pollutions, accidents and a divided city, divided boroughs and divided road sides.

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