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Friday, July 13, 2007

Chicago's Mayor in Curitiba

Photo by Maurilio Cheli / CSSC

The mayor of Curitiba, Beto Richa received the visit of the mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley and wife Maggie Daley. The mayor of the the US city aame to add to the list of international authorities who come to see how the Curitiba Rapid Transit System works. In the photo above, courtesy of the City Sceretary of Social Communication and clicked by photographer Maurílio Cheli, Daley and Richa get off the red double articulated Express Bus. The mayor, wives and URBS president Paulo Scimidt rode the bus from the Santa Candida Terminal to the Holanda Square in the Boa vista area. Later on the mayors visited city parks and the Botanical Gardens. Mr. Daley said that Curitiba's real great contribution is its transport system.

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