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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Eating out in Piraquara

Food creations!

I really enjoy this “food creation” thing. The cooker as a food designer and creator. This is the proposal of a small but very interesting restaurant in Piraquara. The restaurant’s name is Obra Prima (Masterpiece) and this adds to what I just said about the designing and creator aspects of cooking. I myself come from a tradition that says the if you are sad, angry, bad-humored, stay away from the kitchen.

Besides the food creation what I like about the Obra Prima Restaurant is its setting – an old house by the old Piraquara Railway Station. There are several ways you can get to the restaurant, your car, by van if you are in a group but the most interesting to me is by “Litorina” – that is by train from Curitiba. I will try to learn about how you can get on the litorina train for a special dinner at the Obra Prima.

Phone contact 55 (41) 3673 2196

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