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Sunday, July 22, 2007

SOS 24-Hour-Street

The nationally-famous and acclaimed Rua 24 Horas (24-Hour-Street) today, is not the shadow of what it used to be. The place that I saw years ago is gone. It is time for the Urbanização de Curitiba SA (URBS) and city planners to do something to show the world how Curitiba can, again and again, make things happen and re-revitalize the city area where the 24-Hour-Street is located. Curitiba, before global warming, used to be an early-to-bed kind of place and the 24-Hour-Street was one of the first urban pieces of equipment to be thought to take Curitibanos out of bed and into nightlife.

It seems that with success of Curitiba nughtlife many other eating and night-out places started to spring up everywhere and compete for clients. Curitiba now has lots of, hundreds of good restaurants, clubs, discoes, theaters. It is hard to choose. Then, something else happened. The 24-Hour-Street slowly became the center for a mixed clientele of some natives, tourists and travestites, prostitutes and – it is said, drugs and the place acquired a somewhat bad reputation that is still there. But anyway, the Rua 24 Horas is there and worth a visit.

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