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Sunday, July 22, 2007

What brings you to Curitiba?

I don’t know what in the world has brought you to Curitiba. There are some foreign-owned companies, transnational companies, globalized companies operating in and out of Curitiba. The French Renault, the Swedish Volvo, Audi and many other enterprises have established themselves in Curitba. There must surely be US, British, Canadian interests too.

In the old days I would possibibly be writing that Curitiba was chosen because the local weather reminded investors of the weather they left back in their home countries. Now with Gobal Warming and globalization of money I don’t think it is wise to say stupid things like that anymore.

Well, you may be a tourist. Or a businessman / businesswoman lost in Curitiba for the weekend. Then I might be writing for you. Let me begin like this, what people think of “attractions” in Curitiba are mostly man-made. City parks, Churches, Monuments and so on. There is a list of 17 or so such tourist attractions and most tourists do not go beyond that. To visit these 17 attractions it is very easy. From Tuesday to Friday from 8 to 12 (AM) and 2 to 6 (PM) special buses (called Jardineiras), with over-sized, arched, panoramic windows leave the Praça (Square) Tiradentes, the city’s true geographical Kilometer 0, and will stop at all the attractions listed below. Fares work in the “pass” modality. You buy a ticket for all the attractions and you can alight at five of them, visit and catch the next Tourist Jardineira Bus. Even though the official start of the tour is at Praça Tiradentes, the bus can be boarded at specially-marked bus stops throughout the itinerary. Check the list!

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