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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ever heard of the Gonçalves Dias River?

The Gonçalves Dias River (pronouced Gawn-sul-vees Dee'ahs), the smaller river to the left is seen here at its mouth as it empties into the larger Iguassu River. The Gonçalves Dias marks the limit between the Iguassu National Park and the cities of Lindoeste, Santa Tereza do Oeste and Capitão (Captain) Leônidas Marques. The area has been greatly tranformed by human hands and tools. The landscape you see in the picture taken by paramotor pilot Billy Pereira and commssioned by the Captain L. Marques' Government, shows the general area where one more Hydropower Dam is possibly and supposedly going to be constructed to the sadness of nearly voiceless environmentalists who - as it normally happens - live far from here (including the tycoons and barons of the tourism trade).

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