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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bus in Puerto Iguazu

Like every city in the world, (not so) tiny Puerto Iguazu, Province of Misiones, in the land of Argentina also has urban local buses that transport thousands of iguazuenses from their many and increasing neighborhoods to downtown Iguazu to work, study and to do only-God-knows-what.

At the moment I do not feel so free to talk about the Puerto Iguazu Transportation System but, since I do not want to be called a bad borderland dweller, I wil just mention the most famous of Puerto Iguazu’s bus line. It is the one that travels from Puerto Iguazu’s International Bus Terminal to the Cataratas (Falls). The company that operates this servive is the same as the one linking Puerto Iguazu to Ciudad del Este. The name is El Rapido. I am working on this fom Curitiba and its Metroplitan Area, so a complete report on the Puerto Igazu’s bus services will have to wait until I go back.

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