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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bus to Vila “A” skipping the INSS-IML

Bus to Vila “A” skipping the INSS-IML

Once more I will start describing the bus stops on Plartform Two beginning with the stop closer to the JK Avenue. Here is the stop for buses going to Vila “A”, one of Itaipu Vilas. Vila “A” has already been mentioned under the Vilas of Itaipu. The difference here is that this bus will go to Vila “A” via the Juscelino Kubitschek Avenue or Avenida JK, for short. The other buses mentioned goes to Vila “A” by way of the INSS and the IML, the Customs-Tax Authority office and even around the corner where the Brazilian Federal Police Headquerters for the entire border area has been built. The Jardim Paraná / 335 Bus, on bus stop two, will also go the area of Vila “A”.
The third bus stop on this platform will go to Vila “C” North. This is the bus that will go to the Bella Vista Biological Refuge of Itaipu – also mentioned under the same before in relation to the normal Vila “C” bus.

Note on the Biological Refuge: As check and rewrite this posting I am not physically in Foz do Iguaçu so I do not know what is the real procedure if you want to visit the Refuge. The problem is that Itaipu has begn to charge for everything: visiting the DAM, visiting the Museum, the Refuge. The Itaipu people have followed the Price Democracy or Discriminatory Mess I mentioned under the Iguaçu National Park. The mess is so big that only God and your travel agent through his local travel associates can figure that out. Where the money goes, what is done to it, who is doing what is a case for Transparency International, Brazil branch.

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