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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bus Foz do Iguaçu - Puerto Franco

Ciudad President Franco , formerly Puerto President Franco and today just Puerto Franco for short, is one of the Triple Border's cities along with Ciudad del Este,Hernandarias and Mingá Gazu (where the Guarani International Airport is located). With the exception of Ciudad del Este all are little known outside Paraguay. Even as far as the Triple Border locals are concerned, Puerto Franco is little known. But Franco - an even shorter form - is the home of the Saltos Monday (Falls) on the Monday River and is also the home of the Moses Bertoni Scientific Monument - a category in the Paraguayan National Park Administration.

Franco is also the Paraguayan counterpart on the Three Border Stone Marks monuments standing at the tri-junction of the three countries. The Paraguayan Stone Mark is in Franco. So I really do not understand how it has been possible to keep President Franco excluded from whatever benefit tourism may bring or might have brought to the Tri-country,two-river-area. If we are really interested in fighting terrorism, money-laundering, smuggling, arms dealing in the area, we can not tolerate such abandon.

I personally think that the most beautiful vista of the tri-junction area is excatly from the Puerto Franco Stone Marker. I ilustrate this article with a photo taken from the site of the Congregations of the Sacred Hearts (Sagrados Corazones)in Franco. As far as busses are concerned, you can visit the Three Border Stone in Franco by boarding a bus from the Tres Fronteras Company departing the Foz do Iguaçu Rodoviária (Bus Sation) every hour from 5h30 a.m. TIcket cost is a mere R$ 3.00. Ask your travel agent to organize a visit to Francos's Monday Falls, the Moses Bertoni Museum and the Three-Border Stone-Marker.

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