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Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Special Line


This can not be called a local bus line or even be said to be part of the Tiple Border area. I am talking a bus that leaves the Puerto Iguazu’s International Bus Terminal, at 9 a.m. everyday and goes to a place called San Pedro by way of Andresito and Bernardo Irigoyen.
From Puerto Iguazu to Andresito the bus travels on dirt road across part of the Iguazu National Park. Lots of beautiful things can be seen. Also sad things can be see. While within Park limits you can see part of the forest, the trees and have fun for being able to see what you see. But as soon as the bus gets out of Park’s limit the signs of progress in the form of non-sustainable agricultural activities and lumber exploitation. The Province of Misiones is for Argentina what the Amazone is for Brazil. A friend that teaches at the University of Misiones says that the Province’s jungle is being substituted by pinus and eucalyptus silence forests.

From Andresito onward the road is paved and is part of globalization projects that include roads, railways, Atlantic-Pacific Corridor. Bernardo de Irigoyen is one of triplet-twin-siamese cities: Barracão and Dionisio Siqueira (twin-siamese, Brazil) and Bernardo de Irigoyen, third of the triplet. The two Brazilian cities, Barracão and Dionísio are on different states (Paraná and Santa Catarina). Like siamese twins, the two cities share some organs, like the Chamber oof Commerce; Immigration Complex. The Argentine Bernardo de Irigoyen completes the confusion. I really enjoyed having come to the Triplet-Twin Cities.

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