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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Themed streets of Foz do Iguaçu

Theme Streets

The neighborhood of Portal da Foz (Doorway to Foz), once very violent mainly because of a small favela is also undergoing changes. What I find interesting about the Portal is that all of its streets have been named after a bird of the Braziian fauna – or at least as Brazilian as possible. Main street is called Beija-Flor (hummingbird) and it has intersections with the Sanhaço (Sayaca) Street, Pica-pau (Woodpecker) Street, Thrush (Sabiá) and even Swann Street among others. I used to live in the Pica-pau (Woodpecker) street a few years ago and I did bring people from several nationalities to my house there. One of my enjoyments was to show my guests that, at the time (maybe today), we coud see real woodpeckers mainly flickers in the Woodpecker street. The Hummingbird street will run into the Morumbi that also happens to be a theme-street neighborhood. But unlike the Portal da Foz, the subject in the Morumbi is football called soccer by Americans and caccio by Italians.

Exemples are: Rua Mané Garrincha,Palestra (Gymn) Itália (in honor to the Gymn of the Palmeiras football team created by Italians in São Paulo), Rei (King) Pelé, Pacaembu (Stadium in São Paulo), Fonte Nova (Stadium in Salvador), Nivaldo Amaral and São Jorge (Saint George). I hadn't known that Saint George used to play football!

There are other areas in town with themed-streets: rocks and crystals, fish, trees, rivers, Indian tribes etc. The Bus "Portal da Foz" leaves from the TTU. You can use ths Portal da Foz bus to come from city center to Recanto Palace Hotel. My sugestion isthat you should be with someone local to visit the "bairro".

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