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Thursday, December 13, 2007

To Morumbi & Greater São Francisco

On to Morumbi and the Greater São Francisco Area

The last bus stop at this platform offers transportation to neighborhoods like Morumbi, Primeiro de Maio (First of May) and Portal da Foz (Doorway to Foz). Suppose you would tell your guide that you would like to see the Morumbi, he woud probably tell you to be very careful or to skip that idea. He may be both right and partly prejudiced. These are areas “under construction” and of humble beginnings. This complex of neighborhoods is referred to as the Greater São (San) Francisco Area and its population descend from the workers that helped build Itaipu – the Largest Hydroelectrical Project in the world and bla-bla-bla. The truth is that these areas are a living reminder of the debt Itaipu still has with this people despite all that talk of social responsibility and so on.

These are not tourist attractions in the sense that this word is used (somehow and very often linked to a lot of stupidity). But people looking to see the real Foz should try to get away from the thing everybody sees. Avenida República Argentina that connects downtown Foz do Iguaçu to the Morumbi area is slowly becoming a place for bars, restaurants, pizzerias, live music hot dog stands, beiju (mbeiyú in Guarani) and tapioca. Life is moving here. For beiju and tapioca check the Praça da Bíblia (Bible Square) where frequent gospel and evangelical shows are held. It is said that night life in the Avenida is begining to be the best in town. My suggestion is that you get organized and check it out. To go to the real Morumbi I would recommend you to go with someone from Foz, a guide, a friend etc. BUses coming this way are Morumbi, Primeiro de Maio,Interbairros (see Interborough bus).

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