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Thursday, December 13, 2007

To Três Bandeiras, Libra & Lote Garnde

Still Platform One / Side Two
Três Bandeiras (Three Flags), Libra and Lote Grande

The next bus stops on this side of Platform One will go to the bairros of Três Bandeiras, Conjunto Libra and Lote Grande. Três Bandeiras is part of the Greater Três Lgoas area of Foz do Iguaçu. It is a populous area that also originated from the rising housing demand after the Dam was finished. Access to the Três Bandeiras area is via (Brazilian Highway) BR 277, after the Rafain Palace and Hotel Muffato. So this bus can be used by guests of these two hotels.

The Conjunto Libra is a housing project that started with the construction of State Government-financed houses. Houses then were democratically-made-pidegon-hole-type habitations. Today, with the passing of years the area is growing to occupy its place in the heart of the city’s middle class. The neighborhood is interesting, has churches, restaurants and its mains street is called Pôr do Sol (Sunset). Access to the Conjunto Libra is by the way of the Avenida República Argentina, already mentioned, with its increasing businesses, shops, offices, internet houses, butcher’s shop, bakery, pizza places, bars and so on. The Avenida Por do Sol or as like to call Avenida Sunset (in Portunglish) crosses the Avenida Republica Argentina at the Bible Square (Praça da Bíblia).

The Lote Grande bus goes to the shrinking and receding agricultural area of Foz do Iguaçu. We are also a victim of urban sprawling as the city quickly advances and chews up and devours its green lungs. Bus access to Lote Grande is limited. It is a great experience, though. More on it later.

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