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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Buying or eyeing Rhodochrosite in Puerto Iguazú

Found in Argentina only in Capillitas, Province of Catamarca, the rhodochrosite has been consacrated as Argentina's National Stone and Mineral. It is also known as the Rosa del Inca - The Inca's Rose. There is a national industry of Rhodochrosite jewels, carving, arts and handicraft. IN Puerto Iguazu the national stone of Argentina can be found nealry everywhere from top notch tourist traps to de luxe hotels. But also by smaller outfits found in not so commonly visited areas of town and mainly hardly visited by international tourists. Two places that I have in mind right now are the Joyeria Artesenal on Avenida Costanera (Avenue) and Tres Fronteras and mainly a place called Piedras Nativas on the Tres Fronteras Avenue. I will be going back to to Puerto Iguazú these days and will see whether things changed. See you soon!

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