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Thursday, October 30, 2008

My side is more beuatiful ...

This video is part of the Vote Iguassu Falls as one of the New Seven Wonder campaign launched by the Swiss-based New 7Wonders company's campaign. The video shows an Argentinean and Brazilian who accidentally met at the world-famous Falls. The Brazilian, the shorter guy, greets the Argentinean, the taller guy in a blue T-shirt: How beautiful, isn't it? The Argentinean says, yes it is.... but it is more beautiful on my side of the falls. The discussion continues until the Argentinean invites the Brazilian to his side of the waterfalls. The Brazilian agrees that the Argentinean side is more beatiful but complains that it is it is noisy. What do you mean noisy? Then an Argentinean girl shows up.. and both seem to agree that all is well until the Brazilian says that "they are more beautiful on my side". It is too much for the Argentinean. The video was produced by VisionArt, a local Iguassu Falls Publicity and Independent TV Production company. The video was uploaded to YouTube by the H2Foz local news and tourism portal.

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