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Friday, October 10, 2008

This is the Cabocla Jurema

A few days ago I was walking my way to work when I found by the roadside this very old-style painting of Cabocla Jurema - a spirit guide belonging to the Mixed-Indian-non-Indian breed of Brazil in the Afro-Brazilian religious tradition of Umbanda and Candomble. I saw the picture and imediately I decided to take it home. But there were two problems. First, the picture was soaked wet. There been a downpour minutes before, Second, it was 3 p.m. and there were people "looking" on. Anyway I stopped by and took tthe picture above. The I decided that I could not take the picture since I was going to work. Maybe on the way back.
Ai 8 p.m it was time to go back home. I was at the bus stop when I remembered the picture. I imagined it lying there waiting to be soaked again by the next downpour. Then, all of a sudden I said to myself: Walk, I will walk. And I did start walking the nearly five kilometers that separated me from the picture. Finally I was there. I saw people near the picture. I thought that it might be one of the thousands of Iguassuans who take to the streets at night to hunt fot beer cans, copper, iron, alluminum, plastic and whatever they can get their hands on to sell the next day. Thousands of people eke out a living from that. I thought that the picture was going that way.

Then I noticed that the people left the area. I dedided to go there and give it a try. I got there and the picture was at the same place I left. Let's go home - I said. And so we did. The next day I was again strolling around and saw a Umbanda temple - just a house that "housed" a umbanda temple. I talked to the "priestess" called Mãe Jô (Mother Jô). I told her about the story of the picture of Cabocla Jurema. She said it was a sign. I told her that for the last few days I was contacting all kinds of religious communities in the Iguassu Falls area in order to create a pan-religious community something like a branch of URI (United Religions Initiative).

I will come back with more. But right now I will start a list of Umbanda and Candomblé Terreiros (temples) in Foz do Iguaçu since the city may the only Brazil many travellers will see. I will start with Mother JÔ´s temple. Soon I will offer links to more on the spiritual guides in the Indian and African lines of both faiths.

1) Mother Jô's Oxum's Temple - Templo de Oxum da Mãe Jô
Rua Guarani, 760, Jardim Panorama, Foz do Iguaçu, Phone (45) 3525 6489

2) Templo Caboclo Boiadeiro Sete Laços - Seven Lassoes Caboclo Boiadeiro
Priestess (mãe-de-santo) Ialorisá Tunirê Marina, Rua Batatais 412, Morumbi II, Near the CAIC - Centro Convivência Escoa Bairro, Foz do Iguaçu, (45) 525 1751

Open house events at this temple:

Ogun's feijoada or next Saturday from date. When? June 6.
Erê's Fest honoring children. When? October 12.
Caboclos Boaidaeiro Feast: November 15 (More on this temple soon)

3) Templo de Iansã (45) 3574 5850

Other centers waiting for info:
4) Carmem
5) João Carlos
6) Amanda's
7) Edna
8) Juracema
9) Cabocla Jurema

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