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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


When I got to the Monday Falls Municipal Park - the Park that the Falls under satisfactory conditions is maintained by the Municipality of President franco, I heard someone speaking in Portuguese say that he considered such a behavior a lack of respect and reciprocity. I heard someone say then, what behavior? This, that the Paraguayans have a welcome sign in English, Spanish and Chinese. Then I asked permission to get involved and to say that the language he had the privilege to see before his eyes was Japanese. Whatever, he said. It is the same and continued saying that it was a lack of consideration.

It was then that I saw that the kind of oversized outdoor welcome sign is just a part of a larger project aimed at improving conditions at Monday Falls being financed by JICA - the Japanese International Cooperation Agency. I told the people that I knew about projects led by JICA to improve tourism not only in Paraguay but also for the rest of the Mercosul - Mercosur countries. "Jica is paying the bill", I said so they have the right to include Japan's language in the outdoor. Feel better? UHm, I think OK!

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