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Monday, February 02, 2009

Bus companies into and out of Puerto Iguazu

Roomy Crucero del Norte Bus pictured somewhere in Brazil Source of photo

Puerto Iguazu is pretty well served by bus lines. The city is connected to most Argetninean capitals. I am working on an extensive list on bus travels to and from Puerto Iguazu - right across from Foz do Iguaçu where I live. In the list that follows, you find the city's name or destination and the bus companies serving. With the excepetion of Bariloche, all are capital cities. Company names appear within brackets and with links.

Rosario (Río Uruguay)
Córdoba (Rio Uruguay, Crucero del Norte, Merco Bus, Singer and Andesmar),
La Plata (Crucero del Norte, Singer and Tigre Iguazú),
Buenos Aires (Río Uruguay, Tigre Iguazú, Singer, Crucero del Norte and Vía Bariloche),
Salta (Andesmar),
Mendoza (Andesmar),
Corrientes (Río Uruguay and Singer),
Chaco (Río Uruguay and Singer),
Tucumán (Andesmar),
La Rioja (Andesmar),
Catamarca (Andesmar),
Jujuy (Andesmar),
Santiago del Estero (Andesmar),
Santa Fe (Río Uruguay),
Entre Ríos (Río Uruguay),
Formosa (Río Uruguay),
Bariloche (Crucero del Norte, Via Bariloche)

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