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Friday, February 13, 2009

The hostels of Remanso Grande, Iguassu Falls

Photo 1: Ipelandia's swimmingpool area. Photo 2: bus stop serving the hostel areas across from Peace Square (Praça da Paz).

On the Brazilian Highway (BR) 469 or Avenida das Cataratas (Cataratas Avenue - Brazil's shortest BR Highway), there is a barrio (neighborhood) called Remanso Grande. Remanso is the name of those pool-like, calm areas that are commons to some river bends. In this case it is also the name of the neighborhood. Unfortunately there is no easy contact with the Iguaçu River below at the end of Remanso Grande main street. But what I want to call your attention to here is to the fact that this region of the city is beginning to be the Foz do Iguaçu Rural Hostel Area. The picture above is from the Bus Stop that serves three hostels but was mainly made by the Paudimar Campestre Hostel owned by an Argentina-born friend of mines called Miguel Allou. I have also learnt that there is a new Natura Hostel owned by a Palestina-born person whom I have not met yet (but I will). Thirdly and still in the make is the new hostel to be called Ipelandia (Ipêland) Park Golf owned by Naobuo Saito a Japanese friend of mine. Park Golf as I undesrtood is a kind of small bonsai-like golf course. Ipê is a tree that salutes you with yellow or pinkish-purple flowers.

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