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Monday, March 30, 2009

Last of the Jaguars dies in the Iguacu National park

It is hard to know whether this particular spotted jaguar was the last one to freely roam the jungles of the Iguacu National Park. The Carnivore Project created to promote research and studies of the population of felines and other carnivores has been either abandoned or put at stand by. The fact is that this jaguar has been killed sometime during the night of March 28 on the road that connects the National park Entrance and the Cataratas Hotel now under the Orient Express flag. An all-out war has began between Park authorities and leaders of the tourism trade. The question seems to be who is to be blamed for the death of the Last of the Mohicans of the feline race. The National Park's Visitors facilities have been privatized since 2000 and according to the Park's General Management Plan no private cars were supposed to be allowed into the Park. The Management Plan only recognizes the official bus services belonging to concession holders. The problem is that the Iguassu falls area tourism is heavily dependent on holiday-based mass tourism like Easter and national holidays in Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. In those days gates are open and tourist buses are allowed in. As for night traffick a limited amount of vehicles is allowed. Hotel cars? Tourism cars? Who killed the jaguar? The war is just beginning!

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