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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Three-Border Stone Mark from 1903 to 1976 or All about the Three Border Mark

The Three-Border Marks or Markers on the Brazilian and Argentine sides belong to the same family and time. It was the time when Argentina and Brazil were able to solve a border conflict that had beeen lingering on for over 50 years. US President Groover Cleveland had to interfere and help solve the problem. As a result the border marks in the former area of conflict were built out of stones and had the shape and form of the Three Border Mark in Foz do Iguaçu and Puerto Iguazu. In the 70s, the border marks in the Iguassu Falls area were painted with the national colors - something that was not foreseen in the original idea. In the second photo, the Border-Mark on the Brazilian side is seen in its original form. No paint. The gentleman on the photo still lives in the Three-Border Mark area and runs the little souvenir shop there. His sizeable family has lived here since he arrived in the area from Rio de Janeiro as an employee to the now extinct Brazilian Port Authority (Portobrás). There is rumor that soon there will be a CN Tower-like structure at the Three Border mark in Brazil. I have posted an even older photo that shows the Mark with no structure at all. Finally, what may seem to be the first photograph, a Border Mark between Argentina and Brazil along the 25-kilometer, dry-border stretch between the head waters of the San Antonio River (that flows into the Iguaçu River) and the Peperi Guaçu River that will flow into the Uruguay river.

These photos have been given me by the people appearing in them, Dionisio and Brigido (first from bottom), the Family that runs the Souvenir Shop Recando das Três Fronteiras and the Government of Santa Catarina and Paraná Sates.
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