Sitting Room

Friday, October 16, 2009

This is a place where the West Paraná Cachaça Producing Cooperative bottles and sells Brazilian Sugar Cane Firewater or simply Brazilian Cacahaça or Brazilian Pinga. I am seen here talking to Cooperative leader Mr. Enio Mendes da Rocha as he explains the whole production process, fro the sugar cane plating, to harvesting, processing it and how it is brought here rest before bottling and selling. I am postng this here because most people coming to the Iguassu Falls Area have no idea about this possibility. Most people, eve Brazilians, will never associate South Brazil to cachaça making. Whenever the drink comes to mind, people will think of Northeast Brazil or rural Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro. What is not known here is the fact that German, Italians, Ukrainians and other Europeans adapted to the sugar cane culture and became very good in producing sugar cane products: like sugar and cachaça. So this may be a good opportunity to get to know the area's cachaça.

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