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Thursday, January 06, 2011

2011's First Invitations in the Iguassu Falls Area

This is invitation number one: the Iguassu National Park (INP), Brazilian side of the Falls will be 72 years old on Monday, January 10. In previous years visitors and local have beem received by music and even invited to a piece of birthday cake. It was back on Januray 10, 1939 that then Brazilian president Getulio Vargas, signed a decree that created the Iguassu National Park, Brazil's second NP. The first was Itatiaia National Park in Rio de Janeiro (State, not the city)signed into being in 1937.

Invitation Number Two

There is going to be a cocktail party on Sunday, January 16. Where? At the Infraero Lounge on the second floor of the Foz Iguaçu-Cataratas International Airport. What for? To celebrate and welcome LAN Airlines' first Lima - Iguaçu (IGU) non-stop flight. LAN's Lima-Iguaçu flight will be IGU's third international flight. The first two are Pluna's and BQB's Montevideo, Uruguay non-stop flights. In previous flight dedications, airplanes have been baptized on the the runway. The cocktail will be served to tourism and aviation authorities, entepreneurs and the press (+ bloggers) of the TriBorder Area.

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