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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book suggests that Hitler's daughter may have lived and died in Foz do Iguaçu,Brazil

Is it possible that Magda Goebbels may have escaped from Germany alive? Is it possible that she may have come to a country like Brazil? The answer to writers L.M.Franco and C.L.Pereira is yes. The story will be made public by the end of this month when the book K.B.K Biografia e saga de Holdine Kathrim e sua mãe Magda Goebbels, na América do Sul após a Segunda Guerra Mundial (K.B.K. the Biography and Saga of Holdine Kathrim and her mother Magda Goebbels in South America after World War II) Unfortunately there is no English translation to the work that will reach bookshops befor August 1st. Mother and daughter spent a lifetime of suffering in the Brazilian border town. I will leave a link to the Publisher's Blog and to the book's website just in case you want to either order one or be in touch with the writers. I will be back to this subject.


Anonymous said...

I find it really odd but at the same time iteresting because a subject like this could change history as we know it and perhaps add many other details as to how Hitler really died and if he fled to South America by the end of the war. This would trully be the day that history as we know would be made diferent and not just something static from the past and therefore changes that could trully change the course of many things to come and how they really were in those days.

Jackson Lima said...

Thank you, a thoughtful comment!
Jackson Lima