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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Something is happening on the Border-Mark Monuments of the Tri-Frontier Area

As it was until recently. Note Bahá’i

Message on Peace  
Brazilian-side 1903 Border Mark

As it is since Tuesday, Dec, 21.
Photo by Marco Labanca

 As it will look by the end of 2017
as part of the

Mark of the Americas Tourism Complex
Known as the 'Marco das Tres Fronteiras' in Portuguese and 'Hito de las Tres Fronteras' in Spanish this  most interesting tri-nation place to see in the Argentina-Brazil- Paraguay Triple Border Area has finally got reasons to positively be in the local headlines. The 'three marks' have been targeted for investiments as the region looks for ways to 'economic reconversion' which locally means moving from an informal kind of economy to more formal or hopefully total formal business activities. 

Theme Park on

Jesuit Missions and the

Spanish adelantado

Cabeza de Vaca *

The Brazilian Border Stone Mark or "Marco"  has been handed over to the private sector as a PPP (Public Private Partnership). The first stage of the the new Tourism Complex is open to the public. It includes a Visitors' Center, a Bar overlooking the Iguassu and Paraná Rivers besides of course offering the opportunity to peep at the Paraguayan and Argentinean Border Marks. The company who got permission to run the place hopes to deliver the whole project by December 2017 which will include a Cabeza de Vaca Memmorial, the reopened and renewed iconic Space for the Americas, restaurants and one or two observation towers.        

* Did you know that the Spanish conquistador Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca "discovered" Iguassu Falls on his way from (what now is) the Brazilian Coast to Asuncion, Paraguay, is also part of US History ?

The Argentine Side's 
Three Borders Mark (3BM)

Older and simpler red-earth version of the Argentinean 3BM
The Argentine 3B Mark as it looked until rather recently
Read more on this HERE 

The Argentine side 1903 Border Mark as it looks today

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