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Friday, May 01, 2009

Eating out in Foz do Iguaçu: Tips and Ideas

Foz do Iguaçu restaurants in the Rua (Street)Marechal Deodoro eatery zone!

Every single hotel in Foz do Iguaçu has a restaurant. From the five-star all the way down to the no-star-at-all. But I am not talking about hotel restaurants in this post. What I have in mind here are the restaurants in town - mainly downtown.

The photographs above show two downtown restaurants. One Italian, Bello Piatto - see the colors? The other one, in this cute little house built in the 30s,historical or old by Iguaçu staandards is called Armazém (Warehouse). The food here is beef and meat-based. Once a week there is shrimp extravaganza. The Armazém belongs to a guy who came from a city called White Duck (Pato Branco) and seems to has been here forever.

This guy started out with a restaurant called Trapiche - specializing in seafood. He runs both nice places on Rua Marechal Deodoro. All these restaurants are close by and they seem to form a restaurant alley. None were made with the tourist in mind but everybody is welcome. Local people flock to these places. It is about more than eating. It is about seing and being seen. Good place to show off (for them). Another good and traditional place (I've known it for over 20 years) is the Tempero da Bahia, two blocks down from the Trapiche, the owner is from Bahia and tempero means "spice" and can have nice seafood, shrimps, caiprinha and music.

Other restaurants on the same street include the Hokka Sushi (japanese,Chinese) and across from the Hokka Sushi is the Verdão (Big Green) nickname for the Bier Garten where German mostly and English are understood. These two places are on the corner of Marechal Deodoro Street and Avenida Jorge Schimmpfeng - Jorge who? was the city's first mayor in 1914. If you can't get the Schimmlpfeng sound straight try this tip by using my helpful Chinese pronunciation transliterarion: Xim Me lü pu Feng or (Japanese Shi-meru-pu-fen-gu).

Three of the four corners in this point are occupied by restaurants.
One of them is the local MacDonald's outlet. There are bus stops near the MacDonald's going into town, to the Urban Bus Terminal (TTU), Rodoviária (Bus Terminal) and Paraguay. Across from MacDonald's there is a bus stop for buses going to the Falls, to Argentina, the Airport and good for those styaing in all hotels along the Avenida Cataratas (Bourbon,Mabu, Carimã, Gran Via, Viale Bristol) and the Paudimar Hostel. Taxis are readily available along the Rua Marechal. So there is no excuse for you to stay in the hotel wishing you were having fun sonewhere else.
Buses till midnight- after that it's a question of miracle and suffering, beware!

Other "cuisine" ideas in town (hold on for links)

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