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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Index to Bussing Around in the Triple Border Area

Index to postings

Secrets to Bus in the Triple Border - TTU
Bus to Três Lagoas via Rodoviária
Bus Rodoviaria via INSS, IML and Police Quarter
Bus to Brazil-Paraguay Amizade Bridge
The Universitária Line
Bus to Morumbi and Greater S.Francisco Area
Theme-Street Bairros – Portal da Foz and Morumbi
Bus to the Iguaçu National Park (INP)
Bus to INP / Argentina Intersection
Bus to INP Brazil’s Shortest Highway – BR 469
Bus to INP Price Democracy or Discriminatory Mess?
Bus to the Vilas of Itaipu
Bus to Três Bandeiras, Libra and Lote Grande
Bus to Vila “A” skipping the INSS-IML
Bus to Vila “C” and Bela Vista Biological Refuge
Bus to the Three Border Stone Mark (Wait for this)
Non-Integrated Local Bus - Interbairros City Tour
Non-Integrated Metro Bus – Bus to Santa Terezinha
Non-Integrated Metro Bus – Bus to S. Miguel
Non-Integrated Metro Buses – Tips on a trend
Non-integrated Intl Metro Bus/ to Puerto Iguazu
Non-integrated Intl Metro Bus / to Paraguayan cities
Non-Integrat’d Intl Metro Bus–Puerto Iguazu to Paraguay
Non-Integrat’d Intl Metro Bus to Puerto Franco, Paraguay
Bus Puerto Iguazu to Falls, Argentina
Bus Puerto Iguazú – Bernardo Irigoyen (Special Line)

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Paraguayo84 said...

como faço pra ver o seu blog Iguassu Area Falls em português...?


Land of Many Waters

Land of Many Waters
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